Rating calculation

Designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of a young football player's abilities, with a focus on accuracy and reliability.

At the top of the system is the player's overall rating, which is calculated as the average of all the player's skills. The skills, in turn, are calculated as the average of the micro-skills that make them up. The micro-skills are derived from raw test results, which are captured through Machine vision

Visualization of rating tree

Raw tests data

Machine vision impartially assesses multiple parameters of completed tests

Exercise results
Exercise results Exercise results
Exercise results


Each micro-skill is calculated from multiple raw data in different tests

Micro skills graphs
Micro skills graphs
Skill card Skill card Skill card Skill card Skill card

Skills and tests

Agility, Physical, Pace, Shooting, Dribbling - the five defining skills, which are calculated from micro-skills and include a specific set of tests. To get a complete picture of a player's skills, we recommend taking all the tests. This allows you to not only understand the player's overall ability, but also get a clear picture of their proficiency in each individual skill.